Ensemble Wind, a women-owned company,
provides complete services to the wind and
solar energy industry.

Our extensive experience will take you from
early-stage project development through
successful operations.

Our suite of services include full financeable
resource assessment, wind farm optimization,
data quality control, due diligence, and
project consulting.


Our mission is to provide exceptional services at competitive prices that harmonize the interests of the developer, the off taker, the investor, the landowner and the environment. Together we look at your project from a whole new perspective.


The most experienced team in the wind industry with over a century of combined experience in wind and solar.

We have merged our diverse backgrounds to bring you a suite of expert skills and key relationships.





Conveniently located across the US yet highly coordinated, the Ensemble Wind team can handle all your energy assessment needs.

We efficiently employ state of the art techniques to provide solutions and mitigate risk, thereby reducing your costs.




Our team of experienced professionals use multiple methodologies to provide solutions for your needs and challenges. This allows us to choose the best approach while considering the interests of all stakeholders.

We employ state of the art techniques to provide efficient solutions and mitigate risk, thereby reducing your costs.




Click on the pictures to see a sampling of our work experience and the methods we employ.


We understand environmental, political, physical and resource constraints and work to find, mitigate and maximize the positive potential in each project.

Resource assessment

Worldwide prospecting for wind and solar projects
Measurement campaign strategy
Program design and configuration (met towers, sodar, lidar)
Feasibility studies
Data collection and quality assurance
Wind modeling
Time of day studies Irradiance estimates 
Turn-key program management
Extreme wind and temperature analysis

energy assessment

Turbine selection
Wind turbine array layout
Wake impact/array efficiency
Wind/Solar energy modeling
Net energy projections, uncertainty analyses, wind statistics
Project design and optimization
Power performance studies
Financeable assessment reports

project consulting

Land acquisition and permitting assistance
FAA guidance and permit filing
Acoustic analysis
Avian / bat / wildlife study coordination
Public information meeting support
Risk assessment
Grid integration
Performance optimization
Post-construction analyses to improve net energy and ROI
Power performance testing of selected wind turbines

due diligence

Project acquisition review
Site suitability study
Actual vs. projected production
Verification of project output
Risk assessment
Review of TSA contracts and warranty
Evaluation of project uncertainty profile
Project loss calculations
Cost / benefit evaluation
Turbine / site suitability analysis

The Team

Four pioneers in wind meteorology along with an expert in modeling and GIS offer diverse skill sets to provide solutions to your challenges.

Lucille Olszewski

General Manager, Meteorologist

Lucille has more than 25 years as a wind energy meteorologist and management professional with extensive experience in business development and project management.

Jackson Lord

Modeling/GIS Specialist

Jackson has been on the front lines of renewable energy development as a technical engineer
in wind and solar with a focus on the emerging markets of South Asia and Latin America.

Allen Becker


Allen has more than 17 years of experience as a meteorologist in the wind industry assessing over 9,000MW of capacity worldwide..